AS7: The new Snackbar message

Ever want to give your user a quick message about what he is doing? The Snackbar message is an easy way to do so.

It displays a message with an optional action. The message stays on the screen for a few seconds, then fades away.

It’s only available if you are using Bootstrap 4.

The concept of a Snackbar message originated in Google’s Material Design.

It’s easy to code.


Function Button1_onclick()
  Snackbar("This is a warning about something.", "more?", snackBarDismiss)
End Function

Function snackBarDismiss()
  MsgBox "Closed!"
End Function


Button1.onclick = function() {
  NSB.Snackbar("This is a warning about something." , "more?" , snackBarDismiss);

function snackBarDismiss() {

AppStudio released!

We’ve just released It has one specific purpose.

Chrome 66 (released today) changes how the events are triggered after a BS Hamburger or Dropdown is clicked. We came up with a better way of handling this, which should make sure this doesn’t happen again.

If your app uses the Bootstrap Hamburger or Dropdown controls, you need to install this update.

The easiest way to get the update is on the Help menu – “Check for Updates…”

Make your own Bootstrap Theme

AppStudio lets you manipulate many of the features of the Bootstrap controls. Essential to their appearance, however, is the theme they use. By changing the theme, you can affect the color and appearance of all your Bootstrap controls. AppStudio includes 18 Bootstrap themes: bootstrap, bootstrap-enhanced, cerulean, cosmo, cyborg, darkly, flatly, journal, lumin, paper, readable, sandstone, simplex, slate, spacelab, superhero, united and yeti.

But what if you want to make your own theme? It’s surprisingly easy to do using the Bootstrap Theme Customizer. You start it from or AppStudio’s Tools menu. It includes full documentation – we just present an overview here.

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