NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.10 Released!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.10 is ready to download. You can download it from the same URL as before.

This update has both fixes and some new stuff.


  1. Controls: Buttons now render properly on Android.
  2. Controls: Grid sets width from column sizes if possible.
  3. Controls: iMenu now has addItem, replaceItem and deleteItem methods.
  4. Controls: Text, TextArea: Added onkeypress event.
  5. Deploy: Control positioning changed from Fixed to Absolute.
  6. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  7. IDE: “Cannot open project in read only location” fixed.
  8. IDE: firstform property changes if form name changes.
  9. IDE: New icons for Project Explorer
  10. IDE: Sometimes dropdown to go to _click in code did not work.
  11. Language: New screen size functions added to SysInfo().
  12. Samples: iMenu sample updates with new functions.
  13. Samples: New GetDate sample in SpinningWheel subfolder.
  14. Samples: SendDate and CacheEvents have manifest fixed.
  15. Translator: ‘If (a=true) And _ [return] (b=false) Then’ fixed.
  16. Translator: a = { 1: “a”, 2: “b”, 3: “c”} fixed.

The iMenu control has a number of new functions – they are listed under Menu in the Language Reference.

Thanks to Carmine Castiglia for the new iMenu functions. I am sure they will be appreciated by many!