NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.9 released!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.9 is ready to download. You can download it from the same URL as before.

This update has both fixes and some new stuff.


  1. Code Window: Added more JavaScript keywords
  2. Code Window: REM statements are no longer case normalized.
  3. Deploy: Added message if file does not exist.
  4. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  5. Controls: Grid – New functions added. See below.
  6. Controls: MultiInput.disable fixed.
  7. Controls: Scoping problems in complexfunctions fixed.
  8. IDE: Fixed bug with toolbar resizing.
  9. IDE: Project name change in Save As now changes relevant properties.
  10. IDE: Top line in Project Explorer renamed.
  11. Samples: Geolocation overhauled.
  12. Samples: New MoveTheBall shows use of device motion sensors.
  13. Samples: PictureBox updated and improved.
  14. Samples: New SqlSample2 shows reading, writing database.
  15. Samples: Grid sample updated.
  16. Translator: _onevents fixed (for good?)
  17. Translator: a=vbTab fixed.
  18. Translator: If A=”a” Then:MZahl=1:z1 =2:End If fixed.
  19. Translator: if not(a) and not(b) Then… fixed.
  20. Translator: More problems with brackets fixed.
  21. Translator: Problem with Select…Case fixed.

We have made some changes to the Grid control. There are a number of new functions – they are listed under Grid in the Language Reference. One of the new functions is cell(row,col). Please use this function instead of the current Grid_row_col to refer to cells. The Grid_row_col method deprecated and will stop working in a future release.

The changes make the Grid control more HTML compliant. It is possible that your rows will be drawn with a different height than before: you will need to adjust your code if this happens to you.

I would also like to thank Carmine Castiglia for his new Grid functions and Thomas Gruber for the new SQL sample. I am sure they will be appreciated by many!