NS Basic/App Studio 1.2.1 released!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.2.1 is ready to download. You can download it from the same URL as before. There is also a new, faster download location: we will be emailing that to everyone.

There are a few nice new features:
– You can now upload a whole folder of files with your app.
– A number of controls have new properties to enhance their appearance.
– iPads can now have splashscreens

Here is the complete list:

  1. Deploy: Directory names can be put in the manifest.
  2. Controls: FontSize, FontFamily, FontStyle, FontWeight, color and backgroundColor properties added to Label, Text, TextArea and Button.
  3. Controls: FontSize, FontFamily, FontStyle, FontWeight and color properties added to HTMLview.
  4. Controls: Hidden property added to a number of controls.
  5. Controls: HTMLview border-style changed to borderStyle, and background-color changed to backgroundColor.
  6. Deploy: Cache Manifest simplified.
  7. Deploy: All system files are now put into a new nsb folder.
  8. Deploy: slash and colon now allowed in manifest file names.
  9. Deploy: Apps deployed to nsbapp are now available immediately.
  10. Deploy: Apps now stay on nsbapp.com for 10 days.
  11. Deploy: Progress message appears properly with lots of files.
  12. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  13. IDE: Adding code file marks project as dirty for saving.
  14. IDE: Problems in Recent Files list fixed.
  15. IDE: New splashscreenipad property.
  16. Setup: Menu shortcut no longer contains version number. You may need to uninstall/reinstall to see this change.
  17. Project Explorer: multiple code files fixed.
  18. Runtime: Browser check fixed for IE.
  19. Samples: Base64Image added – shows using image as a string.
  20. Samples: HTMLviewCallFunction – call a function in your app from HTMLview.
  21. Samples: iMenu and iTitlebar renamed Menu and Titlebar.
  22. Samples: MoveTheBall renamed to Accelerometer.
  23. Translator: Dim tt(6):s=tt(1-1) fixed.
  24. Translator: if s=”if(” then s=s & “}” fixed.
  25. Translator: if s=”if(” then s=s & “” fixed.
  26. Translator: d = new Date() fixed.

Documentation Changes for Version 1.2.1

  1. Deploy: We have made some changes to how files are deployed to provide some additional functionality. You can now put the name of folder in your list of files to deploy. That folder, and all of the files and folders in it, will be copied to your server. This makes it easy to have a project with a lot of files: you no longer have to list each file in the manifest.

    We also reorganized the files that NS Basic needs at runtime, putting them all into an /nsb/ folder within your project. You may want to delete your app from your server completely before you deploy next time: that will get the obsolete NS Basic files out of your app’s folder.