Programming Contest Results

The results of the first NS Basic/App Studio Programming Contest are in. The winners are:

Business: RMRFuel – RMR Software

This is a very real, very usable app. It should really be considered together with its 3 siblings. In fact, the author plans to create an integrated app. Since the entry was submitted, improbements have been made to the user interface. You can try the beta of the improved banking module at

Fun: Color/Shape — mizuno-ami/JAPAN

Simple, but nicely laid out. It works just like the successful Palm OS version. It has the potential for much improvement, using the user interface possibilities of the platform.

Congratulations to both the winners and other entrants. It was tough to pick the single best app!

See the full results here:

Update: mizuno-ami has requested his reward be sent to the Japanese Red Cross for their disaster relief efforts in Japan. 14,575 persons died, and 11,324 persons are missing now. We have matched his donation and encourage others to paypal contributions to