NS Basic/App Studio 1.2.3 released!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.2.3 is ready to download. You can download it from the same URL as before. We will also be sending an email with the address to registered users.

There are a few nice new features:
– New List controls
– jQuery sample
– Scrolling enabled for more controls
– Lots of fixes and usability improvements


  1. Controls: New MenuNumberTitleDescArrow (see docs below)
  2. Controls: New MenuNumberTitleTime (see docs below)
  3. Controls: New MenuTextBlock (see docs below)
  4. Samples: New jQuery sample.
  5. Samples: New BarCode reading sample.
  6. Code Window: Shortcuts: Ctrl F for Find, Ctrl G for Find Next.
  7. Code Window: Multi line statements are syntax checked correctly.
  8. Controls: Grid scrolling improved.
  9. Controls: MultiInput and Menu now support scrolling.
  10. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  11. Deploy: Extra MKD operations removed: deploy speed improved.
  12. Deploy: Improvements to error messages.
  13. Language: New bitwise functions: ANDb, ORb, XORb, NOTb. See Language Reference.
  14. Project Explorer: right click to move and delete controls.
  15. Project Explorer: Problem with deleting all forms fixed.
  16. Properties Window: Return no longer needed to save changed value.
  17. Runtime: “UpdateReady” cache message now reads “Update Complete – Restarting”
  18. Runtime: Global code is executed before first form shows.
  19. Runtime: iScroll.js updated to 4.1.2
  20. Runtime: Removed some unneeded image files.
  21. Samples: Communicating: Add Skype calling as an option, refresh screen.
  22. Samples: New BarCode reading sample.
  23. Samples: New GridWithScrolling sample.
  24. Samples: New MenuNumberTitleDescArrow, MenuNumberTitleTime, MenuTextBlock samples.
  25. Toolbox: Controls are now in alphabetic order
  26. Translator: Replace(s,”)”,””) fixed.
  27. Translator: a=Log(1) fixed.
  28. Translator: a=5.1 mod 3.1 fixed.
  29. Translator: a=[{b:1}] fixed.
  30. Translator: t[1,(1) Mod 2] fixed.

Documentation Changes for Version 1.2.3

  1. MenuNumberTitleDescArrow: This new control shows a number (or word), title, optional description and an arrow. See Language Reference for more details.

  2. MenuNumberTitleTime: This new control shows a number (or word), title and optional time. See Language Reference for more details.

  3. MenuTextBlock: This new control shows blocks of text and an arrow. Useful as a preview of text. See Language Reference for more details.