NS Basic/App Studio 1.3.1 Released!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.3.1 is ready to download. You can download it from the same URL as before.

Here is what is new and changed:


  1. Deploy: config.xml file now created automatically. See below.
  2. Controls: Adsense – id property added.
  3. Controls: Textarea now has single finger scrolling (iOS 5)
  4. Deploy: PhoneGap Build 404 errors now handled gracefully.
  5. Globals: AppBuildStamp, AppLegalCopyright, AppVersion, NSBVersion added.
  6. IDE: New control: range slider. Part of TextBox. (iOS 5)
  7. IDE: New project property: configxml
  8. IDE: New project property: Version
  9. IDE: phonegap property removed. See below.
  10. Runtime: Buttons no longer have orange flash on Android
  11. TechNotes: New Tech Note 8: Web Apps Compared to PhoneGap Apps

Documentation Changes for Version 1.3.1

  1. Config.xml is a file that PhoneGap uses for its settings: icon, program name, version, features used, etc. Until now, you had to create this file yourself. Now, it is generated automatically using the information already in your project. To customize it for your own needs, edit configxml in Project Properties. Full documentation on config.xml is here.

  2. The phonegap property has been removed from Project Properties. It conflicted with PhoneGap Build and was rarely used. To accomplish the same thing, add <script src="phonegap.js"></script> to the extraheaders property.

  3. Range

    The Range option in the TextBox control allows you to have an input slider. (iOS 5).