NS Basic/App Studio 1.4.0 released!

Features great new ToolBox!

We’ve completely redone the toolbox. With its folders, it is able to accomodate many more controls than before. Being able to drag and drop onto the Design Screen makes it easier and more natural to use. All new icons make it look great. To top it off, we’ve added new Slider, Date and Time controls.

The URL is the same as before.

Here’s the complete list of what has been changed:

  1. ToolBox: Completely replaced – vastly improved!
  2. ToolBox: All new icons!
  3. ToolBox: Drag and drop controls to Design Screen.
  4. Controls: New Data, DateTime, Month and Time controls. (iOS5)
  5. Controls: New Slider control (iOS5)
  6. ToolBox: Double click adds control to Design Screen.
  7. Code Window: Indentation problem fixed with ‘If’ after a blank line.
  8. Code Window: Recompile of source code improved.
  9. Code Window: Syntax checking is back.
  10. Code Window: Very long statements are handled much better.
  11. Controls: PayPal – New addField() function added.
  12. Controls: PayPal – Subscribe and Unsubscribe added.
  13. Controls: CommandButton is now called Button.
  14. Deploy: Build status screen appearance improved.
  15. Deploy: Unicode characters allowed in configxml.
  16. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  17. Docs: Tutorials 1-4 overhauled.
  18. Design Screen: Right click to add control do so at cursor position.
  19. IDE: Added “Reset IDE Panels” to View Menu.
  20. IDE: Control descriptions now appear in the Hints area.
  21. IDE: Format of .nsx file improved for more readability.
  22. IDE: View menu fixed.
  23. Installation: Unicode characters allowed in install path.
  24. Property Box: Spaces in control ID no longer allowed.
  25. Runtime: NSB.InputBox input field sized properly on Safari.
  26. Runtime: NSB.InputBox no longer bounces on Android
  27. Samples: New Slider sample (iOS5)
  28. Samples: DateTime updated to use new controls.
  29. Translator: Integer Divide operator now works (“”)
  30. Translator: VBCritical now parses properly.
  31. Translator: Multiple statements per line using : fixed.

Documentation Changes for Version 1.4.0

  1. The ToolBox has been overhauled. It looks a lot nicer, can scroll (so users with small screens can see all the controls again) and has some new features. To add controls to your project, either drag & drop them or double click.