NS Basic/App Studio released!

We have just uploaded to the servers. It has a number of minor enhancements as well as bug fixes.

Download URL is the same as for 2.1.

  1. Code Window: Add Math object.
  2. Code Window: Improve AutoComplete parsing.
  3. Controls: ComboBox Classic: removeItem function added. (Thanks, Norman Peelman!)
  4. Controls: jQM List can now have variable width.
  5. Controls: jQM RadioButton fixed with update to jQuery Mobile.
  6. Controls: jQM Select has new multiple selection property.
  7. Controls: jQM Select: selected* functions return arrays for multiple selections.
  8. Controls: PictureBox background now fills entire control.
  9. Deploy: Fix problem with browser warning and iPad splashscreen.
  10. Deploy: Script and Link entries generated from _requiredFiles
  11. Design Screen: Clicking on a blank area of the form now selects the form instead of nothing.
  12. Framework: jQueryMobile updated to 1.1.0 RC2
  13. IDE: .keyCode is now a keyword.
  14. IDE: Clicking from Design Screen to Project Explorer selected wrong item.
  15. IDE: Fix crash on resize.
  16. IDE: Fix problem saving minimized dimensions on exit.
  17. IDE: Changing framework does not leave Design Screen blank.
  18. Installer: Fix shortcut to Readme.htm.
  19. Translator: Fix $(“#T_A”).A({selectedItem:2})