App Studio Released!

We have just uploaded to the servers. It has a number of minor enhancements as well as bug fixes.

The download URL is the same as for 2.5.

  1. Code Window: Auto complete improved for a number of controls.
  2. Deploy: improved messages if local deploy fails.
  3. IDE: Added new -ftp-active start up command line switch
  4. IDE: Problem with Reset IDE fixed.
  5. IDE: Removed Del key that was behaving ambiguously.
  6. IDE: Updated demo message.
  7. Language: NSB.ShowProgress can now be removed with an empty argument.
  8. Samples: A number of samples updated.
  9. ToolBox: FaceBook and PayPal no longer error if offline.
  10. ToolBox: FaceBook and PayPal now have .hide() and .show() functions.