iOS 6 getter/setter Bug

UPDATE: This is no longer a problem in AppStudio 3. See AppStudio 3: Moving, resizing and hiding controls.

In App Studio 2.5.0, we introduced some functions which made it easier to resize controls. They worked nicely on all versions of iOS and Android, both on the desktop and on device. This is broken in iOS 6.

Here’s the workaround:

Button1.width = 100            'works up to iOS 6 = "100px"  'works for all versions of iOS

This affects the following App Studio properties: .width, .height, .top, .left, .Visible and the .resize function.

Beneath the covers, we use JavaScript’s __defineGetter__ and __defineSetter__ functions. While they still exist in iOS6 JavaScript, they no longer change the values in html elements. Here’s a simplified version of what we’re doing in JavaScript:

Button1.__defineSetter__('width', function(x){

Before, this code would change the value of It does not anymore.

We have reported this to Apple.