Version 3: Print statement

Version 3 has many new features. We’ll use the blog to highlight some of them.

First off, here’s an simple one: Print. It can be used for debugging, as an easy way to display the values of variables or other information. It can also be used to give information to the user in a dialog that he can dismiss.

Print is an easy way text to an output window. It can handle up to 20 comma-delimited expressions, separating each with a space. When used without an argument, Print writes a blank line to the output window.

When you execute Print, a window opens over your app with the output. The window can be closed by the user tapping on the x in the top right corner, or by your app executing this statement:"none"

To clear the Print window, execute this statement:


Print output is formatted as HTML: any valid HTML expression may be used, including images and links.

Rem Print Example
'Print writes text to the output window
Print "Hello World!"
Print "The time is ", Now, ""

Here is the output: