AppStudio 3.0.7 is ready!

We have just uploaded 3.0.7 to the servers. It has a number of minor enhancements as well as bug fixes.

The download URL is the same as for 3.0.


  1. Deploy: Error on incorrect PhoneGap log in fixed.
  2. Deploy: PhoneGap settings are project specific as well.
  3. Design Screen: TextArea no longer expands if text too large.
  4. Design Screen: Pasted controls remain selected.
  5. Design Screen: Pasting multiple controls does not go into a loop.
  6. Design Screen: Projects with SQLImport no longer have problems.
  7. Design Screen: Form style now shows properly.
  8. Design Screen: No longer compiles code.
  9. Design Screen: Outline of selected control changed to dotted.
  10. Design Screen: View…Design Grid fixed.
  11. Docs: On Mac OS, do not use ‘US International Keyboard’.
  12. Deploy: Problem deploying to PhoneGap account fixed.
  13. Deploy: Add splash screen timeout to Phonegap configxml
  14. IDE: General cleanup to internals of project open/save/close
  15. IDE: Minimum iOS version is now documented as 4.3
  16. IDE: Projects in read only folder can now be opened.
  17. IDE: Registry problem with unicode fixed.
  18. IDE: Error in Save As into same folder fixed.
  19. IDE: When switching forms, sometime the form would be selected, not the control.
  20. IDE: Use of temp folders improved.
  21. IDE: Default folder selection improved.
  22. IDE: Fix language selection bug on startup.
  23. IDE: Folders in manifest work with Save As now.
  24. IDE: Accomodate odd folder names like $$DEVELOPER$$
  25. Internationalization: Several languages have had much more translated.
  26. Language: Add SysInfo(5) – returns device pixel ratio.
  27. Samples: Folder is now read only.
  28. ToolBox: jqxGrid: SelectMode now allows multiplecellsextended
  29. ToolBox: Multiple ToolTips now allowed.
  30. Toolbox: popupmsg editor improved.
  31. ToolBox: ToolTip icon can now be changed.
  32. ToolBox: Select.addItem() now adds value of 0 correctly.
  33. ToolBox: jQM RadioButton.value() nows returns values starting with 1, not 0. Possible breaking change.
  34. Toolbox: PopUp control improved – still a test control.

The complete list of changes is here.