AppStudio 3.0.9 released!

We have just uploaded 3.0.9 to the servers. While it fixes a couple of bugs, it also has a new feature which is sure to make people happy.

The download URL is the same as for 3.0.


  1. Runtime: New FastClick feature: clicks on mobile device react much more quickly now.
  2. Installer: Project running from a different drive than the installation will not have a blank Design Screen.
  3. Run: Error when starting app in Chrome fixed.

The complete list of changes is here.

FastClick makes your apps feel faster and snappier when run on mobile devices. Normally, when you click on a button (or other control) there is a 300-500ms delay before the _onclick() function in your program is executed. That’s not enough for most people to explicitly notice, but enough to make the app feel sluggish. Until now, the solution was to also have a _ontouch() function, which makes things more complex. FastClick calls your _onclick() function as soon as the user touches the screen.

The beta testers, with one exception, report that their apps work without any changes. If you do run into issues, let us know. There is a way to turn off this feature.