AppStudio 3.1.3 released!

We have just uploaded 3.1.3 to the servers. It has enhancements as well as fixes.

You can download the new version from Check for Updates under the Help menu.


  1. Controls: New Line control.
  2. Controls: Audio and Video now use File picker instead of image picker.
  3. Controls: Grid now defaults to scrollable, auto width.
  4. Controls: Grid now has right and bottom properties.
  5. Controls: Image control percent sizing fixed.
  6. Controls: jQM TextArea background color can now be set.
  7. Controls: Make fullscreen=true the default for forms.
  8. Controls: NSB.MsgBox – Suppress heading line if blank on Android.
  9. Controls: jqxCalender: error message fixed.
  10. Find: Do not search for empty find string.
  11. IDE: Check for Updates improved.
  12. IDE: Do not validate again once serial number is OK.
  13. IDE: Error on shutdown fixed.
  14. IDE: image paths are now stored using forward slashes only.
  15. Properties: File picker works like image picker.
  16. Properties: Image thumbnails update properly.
  17. Runtime: Mod function fixed.
  18. Runtime: DatePart Week number calculation fixed.
  19. Samples: New DragDrop sample.
  20. Samples: New PopUpForm sample.
  21. Samples: New Line sample.
  22. Samples: New GridWithButtons sample for jqxGrid.

The complete list of changes is here.