AppStudio 3.2.0 Released!

We’re thrilled to announce that AppStudio 3.2.0 has been released. It has over 50 enhancements and fixes. A big thank you goes out to our beta testers, for their feedback on the new features and help getting the new release stable.

Major new features

  1. Standalone desktop apps from your projects.
  2. Design Screen and Runtime both much faster.
  3. iOS 7 support

See the complete list:

Breaking changes

  1. Forms are loaded more quickly, but some controls are not complete until a bit later. If you set properties in your global code, the control may not be ready. You need to move the code into Sub Main() or the Form_onshow() function.
  2. There is now a Project Property to turn off FastClick. The old method does not work any more.
  3. iOS 7 has a number of bugs. The current list is kept here:




  1. Keep a backup of your projects.
  2. Install as usual.