AppStudio 3.3 released!

AppStudio 3.3 has been released.

It has a number of nice new features. You can drag and drop to the Code Window, the new ChangeForms property makes it much easier to navigate between forms, PhoneGap has been updated and the offline docs have been improved.

Fixes and Enhancements

  1. Code Window: Now supports drag and drop to Code Window from external file.
  2. Controls: A number of controls can now do ChangeForm without writing any code.
  3. Deploy: PhoneGap 3.x now supported.
  4. Documentation: Offline mode of Wiki expanded with much more material, including images.
  5. Documentation: Offline mode of Wiki now has a search function.
  6. Design Screen: Centering controls with width or height set to ‘auto’ now works.
  7. Design Screen: It is now easier to select overlapping controls.
  8. Design Screen: Refreshes if theme changed.
  9. IDE: Code Module Export now sets the file type.
  10. Project Explorer: External .cod files can now be dragged and dropped as well.
  11. Project Explorer: You can now can edit form and control ids (except XP).
  12. IDE: Dialogs now center better on multi monitor development systems.
  13. IDE: Background pinstripes out of fashion – no longer added to new projects.
  14. IDE: Forms now have a background color property.
  15. IDE: Forms and control ids must be valid JavaScript variable names.
  16. Code Modules: External code modules now support unicode characters.
  17. Code Modules: PHP displays properly on Windows.
  18. Deploy: Remove obsolete ajax-loader.png file.
  19. Samples: A number of samples updated.
  20. Samples: Compass sample now has an animated compass rose.
  21. Samples: Pinstripe background removed from all samples.

Documentation for 3.3.0

  1. Drag and Drop to the Code Window: You can now store chunks of code you would like to be able to reuse in external files. Dragging them into the Code Window will paste them into the current cursor position. It’s much quicker than opening, copying and pasting.
  2. Change Forms without writing any code: A number of controls have a new ChangeForm property. If you enter the name of a form in this property, the app will go to that form automatically when the control is clicked by the user. Controls which have this property include Button (all frameworks), HeaderBar (jqm), NavBar (jqm), Footerbar (jqm) and List (jam). The _onhide and _onshow scripts will still be called, just as it you had executed a ChangeForm statement.
  3. PhoneGap 3 now supported. Get full details, including how to update your projects, in Using the PhoneGap API.
    1. The integration of 3rd party plugins has been greatly improved: now it is easy to use them in PhoneGap Build projects as the PhoneGap API used to be.
    2. The PhoneGap API file has been converted into a number of separate plugins, reducing memory requirements.
    3. Support for BlackBerry, WebOS and Symbian has been dropped.
    4. Support for Windows Mobile 8 has been improved.
  4. Offline Wiki: We’ve greatly expanded the info in the offline wiki: it is now close to 70 megs. To help navigate it, there is now a search function.