AppStudio 4.0.4 released!

AppStudio 4.0.4 has been released.

Nothing major in this one, but a number of useful enhancements and fixes. In particular, we think we have a solution for the double click problem caused by iScroll 5.

Enhancements and Fixes

  1. Code Window: Fix cursor position after splitting line with a return.
  2. Controls: Add autoCloseOnMouseLeave property to jqxMenu.
  3. Controls: Fix error in ToolTip.
  4. Controls: Label.Caption and Label.text now accept HTML formatted values.
  5. Controls: Line was adding an unnecessary margin.
  6. Controls: Make sure Orientation control appears on top of all other controls.
  7. Controls: Simplify Google Map’s setMarker() function.
  8. Controls: TextBox now has min and max properties for numeric input.
  9. Controls: Work around problem of iScroll producing double clicks on certain devices.
  10. Controls: Class property of Grid and Select enabled.
  11. Deploy: New Check Deployment option on Run menu lets you check if your server is properly configured.
  12. Deploy: Several cleanups done to the deploy process.
  13. Deploy: Turning off minimal-ui is now a project property.
  14. IDE: Serial number checking improved.
  15. Language: New window.print() command for iOS.
  16. PhoneGap: has renamed preference “slash-screen-duration” to “SplashScreenDelay”. You will need to update existing project’s configxml property.
  17. Runtime: Name of the page the app runs on changed to “Page_jqm”.
  18. Samples: All samples updated to use new Camera control.
  19. Samples: clean up bad html in year.htm.
  20. Samples: Fix path in AudioVideo sample.
  21. Samples: Fix scroll_options on HTMLview samples.
  22. Samples: New window.print sample for iOS.
  23. Samples: Fix rotation in Camera sample.
  24. Translater: Fix Dim x = expression, where expression contains parenthesis.