AppStudio 4.2 released!

We’re happy to announce that AppStudio 4.2 has been released. It includes support for iOS 8, the iPhone 6, a new Signature control and more.

It’s available from the usual download location.

Here is the complete list of what is changed:

  1. Adsense: Updated for current API.
  2. Controls: Add zoom capability to scrollers.
  3. Controls: Facebook now uses HTTPS, updated for new API.
  4. Controls: jQuery Mobile updated to 1.4.4
  5. Controls: jQWidgets updated to 3.5
  6. Controls: New Signature Control
  7. Controls: Missing filter image added to jqxGrid.
  8. Documentation: Locale files and Wiki updated.
  9. Documentation: Unneeded Locale files removed.
  10. Deploy: Icon for Android home screen now appears.
  11. Deploy: New projects default to PhoneGap 3.5.0.
  12. IDE: Support for iPhone 6 screen size added (375×646)
  13. IDE: New Education license options
  14. IDE: Registered name now appears on About screen.
  15. iOS8: minimal-ui no longer supported.
  16. Runtime: Print output is scrollable again.
  17. Samples: New GridDynamic sample. Shows how to dynamically read SQLite database.
  18. Samples: New Signature sample.
  19. Samples: New TwitterURL sample.
  20. Samples: New WhatApp sample.
  21. Samples: Obsolete WebSocket samples removed.
  22. Samples: Update ListWithScrolling sample.
  23. Translator: Dim array with variable as one of the bounds gets treated properly as an array.
  24. Translations: Tagalog is complete!