AppStudio 4.2.2 released!

AppStudio 4.2.2 is ready. This release has some nice new stuff, including a new Debugging option, Playsound options and modal forms.

  1. Debugger: New NSBApp Debugger for PhoneGap and iOS apps.
  2. Deploy: Error in Make Desktop App fixed.
  3. Deploy: Possible error in FastClick fixed.
  4. Controls: jQM CheckBox square corners fixed.
  5. IDE: Registration check when offline fixed.
  6. Language: new ForEach statement.
  7. Language: new Object.observe statement.
  8. Libraries: iOS 8 support added to Add to Home Page.
  9. Libraries: New EasyModal library
  10. Libraries: Retina updated to 1.3
  11. PhoneGap: Version can now be set in Project Properties
  12. Runtime: PlaySound now has stop and loop options.
  13. Runtime: Sound only inits if needed. Saves battery life on M8 device.
  14. Samples: New Modal sample.