AppStudio 4.2.3 released!

AppStudio 4.2.3 is ready. This release has a nice new Panel control, how to Videos and a number of updates and fixes.

  1. Controls: New jQM Panel control. (Thanks, Erkan!)
  2. Controls: The height property of Form object can now be set if fullscreen is false.
  3. Controls: jQM RadioButton square corners fixed.
  4. Controls: HeaderBar – background on notext buttons is gone.
  5. Code Window: go to function works properly in JavaScript
  6. Code Window: JavaScript functions created from Properties Window correctly.
  7. Deploy: iOS 8 no longer supports minimal-ui, so default is now off.
  8. Deploy: Security certificate handlers updated.
  9. Language: SQL now supports Using_SQLite#Parameters|parameters.
  10. Language: Bug in Yosemite’s handling of Arabic worked around.
  11. Language: Serbian added (Thanks, Elvir!)
  12. Help: Link to English and Arabic AppStudio Videos added.
  13. Libraries: DropBox upgraded to 1.2.
  14. Samples: New Panel sample.
  15. Samples: All use .appcache as the cache file name suffix.
  16. Samples: Updated to use SQLite Parameters.