Parameters: an easier way to make SQLite commands

Ever had to code a messy statement like this?

    sqlList[j]="INSERT INTO customerData (name, age, sales) VALUES _
        ( " & "'cust" & j & "', " & j & ", " & j*10 & ");"

Here’s a more elegant want to do the same thing. Load your values into an array, then put a question mark in your query string where you want them to be substituted:

    args=[cust, j, j*10]
    sqlList[j]=["INSERT INTO customerData (name, age, sales) VALUES _
        (?,?,?);", args]

Notice that we also had to put the query string into an array, with the first element being the query string and the second our array of arguments.

(This is only for SQLite strings. If you would like to do something similar to your other strings, check out the Format function.)