nsbapp.com now requires AppStudio 4.2.6!

We’ve just uploaded 4.2.6 to the servers. In it, we overhauled how we deploy to nsbapp.com. It’s much faster and smoother now. However, to do this, we had to make changes to how the server works.

Older versions of AppStudio WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DEPLOY to nsbapp.com any more!

Please download 4.2.6 and start using it.

Here is what is new:

  1. Deploy: Deploy to nsbapp.com is now much faster.
  2. Deploy: Deploy to nsbapp.com now shows download QR code.
  3. Deploy: Deploy to nsbapp.com now has option to show all your projects (registered users).
  4. Deploy: New dialog box on completion.
  5. Library: AddToHomeScreen 3.1: improved Android Chrome support
  6. Controls: Grid clicks when scrolling improved on some platforms.
  7. Controls: Select now shows square and round corners properly.