AppStudio 5.0.11 released.

AppStudio 5.0.11 is now available. It includes a number of fixes and new stuff.

  1. Controls: Add min, max values to Date Pickers – speeds up Android.
  2. Controls: Allow vh, yw sizes (viewport height, viewport width)
  3. Controls: Fix error in jqWidgets Tabs control.
  4. Controls: NavBar, FooterBar: All spaces are now converted to underscores for event argument.
  5. Controls: NavBar, FooterBar: Design time style now used at runtime.
  6. Deploy: Get project path to jqWidgets correctly.
  7. Form: Default form height is now 100vh.
  8. Make EXE: Unicode characters are now allowed.
  9. PhoneGap Build Status: Improve iOS message.

The current Android Chrome DatePicker has a number of problems. The most significant one is that it can take 4-5 seconds to load. It’s figuring out how to format many months ahead and behind in advance. You can speed this up by specifying an min and max for the date value, so it doesn’t do as much work. There are a couple of other bugs here and here. We expect Google will fix these soon. (Thanks to Doug Allrich for tracking this down!)

As always, we’re fixing bugs as fast as we find them. If you see any, let us know.

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