AppStudio 5.0.14 released

AppStudio 5.0.14 is now available. It includes a number of fixes and enhancements.

  1. Code Window: Don’t case correct “parse”
  2. Controls: Add corner property to TextArea, TextBox.
  3. Controls: Allow multiline style properties
  4. Controls: Eliminate default text-shadow on TextArea, TextBox
  5. Controls: Enable theme support for TextArea, TextBox.
  6. Controls: Make Container Responsive Design aware.
  7. Controls: Redo how TextBox is created. Textbox_wrapper is gone.
  8. Controls: RadioButton horizontal now works inside a Container.
  9. MakeEXE: return error if evalPython fails.
  10. Samples: Add Globalization plugin to PhoneGapAPI sample.
  11. Samples: Add some folder descriptions.
  12. Translator: Fix a false negative.
  13. Translator: Fix bad translate of ’emptyData’

Tip: It’s worthwhile to uninstall the previous version. If you’re on Windows, delete c:\Program Files\NSB AppStudio to get a completely clean install.