AppStudio 5.0.16 released!

AppStudio 5.0.16 is now available. It includes a number of fixes and enhancements.

  1. Controls: RadioButton – fixes to iconPos and style.
  2. Design Screen: Crash closing and opening contexts fixed.
  3. IDE: Fix background images in IE11.
  4. IDE: Fix background images in style headers.
  5. MakeEXE: Fix crash at startup of EXE apps on some systems.
  6. Runtime: Fix problem in ChangeForm slide.
  7. Samples: New JSModeler sample. (Thanks, Adrian!)
  8. Translator: Fix false negative on x = Array()

Tip: It’s worthwhile to uninstall the previous version. If you’re on Windows, delete c:\Program Files\NSB AppStudio to get a completely clean install.