Volt: project1-opens-violently!

If you’ve deployed an app to Volt, you have probably wondered at the odd name your app was given.

It takes the actual name of your app and adds a couple of random words to make it unique. That makes sure your ‘project1’ does not get mixed up with someone else’s ‘project1’. Just for fun, it uses a verb and adverb.

You don’t have to keep using this name.

Go into the Volt Dashboard by clicking on ‘Manage this app in Volt’ either on this screen or the Run menu. You’ll see this:


You can edit the Name to be the unique name you want it to have in Volt. It can be changed to whatever you like so long as the name isn’t already taken by another user. It must start with a letter or number and can only contain lowercase letters, numbers and dashes.


When you save, the URL gets updated to the new value and you can use that to access your app. Future deploys will continue to use your new name: https://mygreatapp.volt.live.