Why we switched to a Subscription Plan

AppStudio has always been sold with a flat license fee. Pay for it once and you can use it forever. Starting with AppStudio 6, this changes.

We think we can improve your experience with subscription plans. It lets us provide more updates, more features and better support. Rather than an upfront fee, you’ll pay monthly for the service level you actually need.

Volt will be revolutionary. It provides services we never could have before. Subscriptions give us flexibility to keep our customer’s costs low during the development cycle, while allowing for high usage from apps which have gone live.

It’s good for our customers. They get access to high volume servers to host their apps. Rather than an up front cost, AppStudio is available for a low cost per month.

We also benefit. A lot more of our expenses are now monthly – we have to pay for the servers and bandwidth, as well as support them. Having a steady revenue stream helps us deliver enhancements and new versions on a continuous basis.

We’re looking after our existing users. The AppStudio 6 Upgrade is the same as it was for previous releases ($49.95). In addition, it has 4 months of Volt Essential included (a $60 value), with a discounted rate thereafter.

If you don’t need a monthly plan, cancel it. AppStudio 6 will still work.

Let us know if you have questions!

You can order the upgrade to AppStudio 6 here.

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