Subscriptions Update

The AppStudio 6 Upgrade includes a bonus free subscription: 4 months if paying by PayPal, 120 days if paying by credit card. The subscription gives you a few nice things:

  1. Use of Volt Services, including
    • App Hosting
    • User Management
    • serverStorage and appStorage
    • Adsense
    • Custom Domains
    • Credit Card payment processing
  2. No charge for future major releases of AppStudio
  3. A special rate of $9.95/month (regularly $15.00)

If you bought the AppStudio upgrade when it came out, you will start getting charged this month. If you want to change your subscription level to Free or Pro, you can do so using the Subscription Manager.

There are 3 subscription levels:

  1. Free: Apps hosted on Volt Server for testing only, limited time.
  2. Essential: Volt Sevices and free upgrades. This is what came with the upgrade.
  3. Pro: Essential, plus Premium Support.

If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact us right away at We’ll be happy to help!