The future of

When we released the first version of AppStudio in 2010, we realized our users would need a test server for their apps. We created for this purpose.

Seven years later, almost everything has changed in AppStudio, sometimes more than once, to keep up with constantly evolving web technology. With AppStudio 6, we introduced Volt, our new server. It replaces in its role as a test server, and does much more.

The operating system which runs on obsolete. As of April 30, it will no longer receive security patches. Without those, it becomes a danger to its users and the internet. We need to retire it.

This will not affect anyone who has upgraded to AppStudio 6. However, there are still a few dozen people with older versions of AppStudio who are actively using If you are using an older version, AppStudio will still work after April 30. You will need to deploy to your own server: nsbapp will no longer be available.

If you have concerns, please contact us at We will be glad to help.