AppStudio 6.2.3 released!

We’re pleased to announce AppStudio 6.2.3 is ready.

The centerScreen feature, new in 6.2.2, has been expanded to have a zoom feature as well. It’s been renamed screenMode. If set, your app will zoom or center itself on the screen instead of placing itself in the top left corner. If you do not want to adjust the layout of your app for different screen sizes, this is an easy way to make your app look better. Here’s more info.

New and improved stuff includes:

  1. Forms: New ScreenMode property: Can be Full Screen, Actual Size, Center or Zoom. Useful for different screen sizes when app is not Responsive.
  2. Forms: fullScreen and centerScreen properties moved into screenMode.
  3. Controls: scrollbars:true removed from default scroll_options for several controls.
  4. Forms: % now allowed in width and height properties.
  5. Forms: Problem with Modal forms fixed.
  6. Controls: BS Fliptoggle can now be disabled/enabled at runtime.
  7. Controls: Image control now hides overflow so rounded corners will work.
  8. Controls: Signature borders fixed.
  9. Controls: BS Button changeForm property was not working.
  10. Controls: jqxChart background color fixed.
  11. Samples: New jqxChart sample with line graph: ChartLine.
  12. Samples: Pic2Shop bar code reading works on Android too.
  13. Samples: Remove “scrollbars:true” from scroll_options.
  14. Samples: RssFeed sample removed. Web service it uses no longer exists.
  15. Translator: Fix statements with embedded keywords, such as s = “a Chain”

Watch for upcoming blog posts on some of these enhancements – there is some cool new stuff you can do.

Download the latest version from ‘Check for Updates’ under then AppStudio Help menu. It is a free upgrade for AppStudio 6 users.