AppStudio 6.3.0 released!

We’re pleased to announce AppStudio 6.3.0 is ready.

This release brings a bunch of useful fixes and some enhancements.

New and improved stuff includes:

  1. Bootstrap: ‘spellcheck’ property added to input controls.
  2. Bootstrap: Hamburger.addItem can now add ‘divider’ lines.
  3. Bootstrap: DataTable now has initComplete property.
  4. Bootstrap: Icon image in Project Explorer fixed.
  5. Code Window: Files in HTML format are now lexed properly.
  6. Code Window: JavaScript format now uses indent as specified in Preferences.
  7. Code Window: Clicking in the Functions window improved.
  8. Controls: Google Maps: Use apiKey when initializing.
  9. Deploy: Filenames in the manifest are now URL encoded. Spaces work in file names.
  10. Design Screen: Right clicking a control with existing event does not create a new JavaScript function.
  11. Forms: New ‘attribute` property.
  12. Forms: New ‘class’ property.
  13. Forms: screenMode has new ‘noStyle’ setting: Only user styling is applied.
  14. jQM Collapsible now supports html in Header.
  15. MacOS: Support added for 10.13 High Sierra
  16. MakeEXE: Mismatched files for Windows 7,8 fixed.
  17. PhoneGap: Improve Content Security Policy for iOS 11.
  18. PhoneGap: ‘gap:’ no longer required in config.xml tokens.
  19. Preferences: Full list of languages appears again on Mac.
  20. Project Properties: Add favicon.
  21. Runtime: Improve ‘stopOnError’ runtime error message display.
  22. Runtime: NSB.MsgBox no longer spills text outside the box.
  23. Runtime: NSB.MsgBox now scrolls long messages.
  24. Samples: PhoneGapFileSystem “LocalFileSystem not defined” fixed.
  25. Samples: PhoneGapFileSystem Barcode plugin fixed.
  26. Updated copyright dates to 2018.

Download the latest version from ‘Check for Updates’ under then AppStudio Help menu. It is a free upgrade for AppStudio 6 users.