AppStudio 7 released!

We’re thrilled to announce AppStudio 7 is ready.

Inspiration for the new release came from a couple of places.

First, the world of web based development is changing quickly. We updated AppStudio to use up to date best practices and libraries. Your existing projects will still work, but you’ll get to use the latest techniques.

Second, we’ve gotten great feedback from developers using AppStudio for large commercial projects. AppStudio now works well for teams and supports technologies like GitHub and Node.js. We managed to add these new features while keeping AppStudio approachable and easy to start using.

Here are some of the main new features. The complete list is here. We will be adding articles to our Blog and Wiki explaining how to use these features.

  1. Multifile Projects: We’ve reorganized how projects are saved. The main .project file just contains values for project properties. All code, HTML and other text entities are now stored as separate folders and files.
  2. One Project Per Folder: All files for a project are now stored in one project folder. Two projects cannot share a folder.
  3. Bootstrap 4 is now supported.
  4. GitHub: AppStudio projects are now GitHub compatible.
  5. Version control: You can now use git (or other utility) for version control.
  6. Team Development: The combination of Multifile and GitHub allows a team of developers to work on the same project.
  7. External Editing: Having all code, HTML, etc. in separate files allows the use of other editors.
  8. Toolbox reorganized: All framework related files are now in folders for that framework.
  9. Eslint: Advanced syntax checking for JavaScript in the Code Window.
  10. Internationalization: Make your app work in multiple languages.
  11. PDF files: You can make PDF files from your Forms for emailing, etc.
  12. Validation allows you to automatically check the contents of forms.
  13. Node.js can now be used in AppStudio projects.

The most important thing to do before upgrading is make a backup. The project format has changed: be sure to keep a copy of the old format.

Download Links

You can use the link on the About screen in AppStudio, or


To go back to Version 6:


Please open new topics on our Web Board for any questions you have – it will make it easier to keep track of the discussions.