AppStudio 7.3.1 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 7.3.1 has been released.

This release is mostly housekeeping. A few bugs have been squashed, links updated and the offline Wiki has been improved.

Projects which are JavaScript only will be a bit smaller – we’ve moved the BASIC-specific functions to a separate module which isn’t loaded if it isn’t needed.

Here’s what is new and fixed in the new release:

  1. BS4: Alert: Allow multiline value
  2. BS4: Label.text can be used – same as Label.value.
  3. BS4: Select control: value of 0 now works properly.
  4. BS4: Warning if mixed BS3 or jQM controls when control added.
  5. Deploy: Pure JavaScript apps no longer include BASIC functions (smaller deploy)
  6. Deploy: hfunc.js split into appstudioFunctions.js and basicFunctions.js
  7. IDE: Change company branding
  8. IDE: Change links to
  9. IDE: Save As with manifest file set to “nocache” fixed.
  10. IDE: Update slogan
  11. Installer: Better method of loading tkinter.
  12. jQM: jqmList now includes fastclick.js in the project.
  13. Register: Improve “need to update” message.
  14. Samples: ElectronWeather updated.
  15. Samples: Improve button appearance in Datatables sample.
  16. Toolbox: Some autocomplete hints fixed.
  17. Wiki: Offline wiki updated with latest docs
  18. Wiki: Offline search fixed.

The easiest way to get the update is on the Help menu – “Check for Updates…”