NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.7 is ready!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.7 is ready to download. You can download it from the same URL as before.

This update has both fixes and some new stuff.

  1. Code Window: Case normalization for additional keywords and DOM objects.
  2. Code Window: literal strings are now Courier New as well.
  3. Code Window: Ctl-j now handles unicode characters.
  4. Deploy: Filenames in manifest have spaces or slashes are flagged.
  5. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  6. IDE: New extraheaders property lets you add your lines to header.
  7. IDE: Form has new method property: GET or POST.
  8. IDE: New form names now have first letter capitalized.
  9. Runtime: ‘Go’ on some browsers no longer causes unintentional submit.
  10. Samples: Extra ‘ signs removed from some samples.
  11. Samples: HTMLview has Show Map option.
    Deploy: prefixes appear again when deploying to NS Basic App Server.
  12. Translator: a = “a://b” fixed
  13. Translator: a={b:”b”,c:”c”} fixed
  14. Translator: a=new Option(Aus(i),Aus(i)) fixed.
  15. Translator: Function a_b_onclick() fixed.
  16. Translator: If a=”=” Then b=1 fixed
  17. Translator: If Mid(“1”,1,1)=1 Then Print “yes” fixed
  18. Translator: Mod fixed.
  19. Translator: MsgBox Replace(“AB.DEF”,”.”,”X”) fixed
  20. Translator: Print “>” & “,” & “<” fixed
  21. Translator: Print DatePart(“ww”,01 & “.” & 01 & “.” & 2010,2,2) fixed.
  22. Translator: V=(F ^ 3) ^ 2 fixed.
  23. Translator: With Canvas.getContext(“2d”) fixed.


– TThe project has a new property: extraheaders. This allows you to add addtional header lines to the <head> section of the generated code. An example would to include an extra JavaScript library, you would add:

<script src="myLib.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

– POST lets you send more data to the server. SeeĀ Tutorial 07 for a more information.