NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.8 released!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.0.8 is ready to download. You can download it from
the same URL as before.

This update has both fixes and some new stuff.

Here is what is new and fixed:

  1. Code Window: Add Main, vb* as keywords.
  2. Code Window: lots more case normalization is being done.
  3. Controls: New Audio control – now you can play sounds!
  4. Controls: New Video control.
  5. Controls: redundant click definitions removed.
  6. Controls: Uncaught Reference Error fixed.
  7. IDE: Added style property for project.
  8. IDE: Fixed issue with long strings in HTMLview and extraheaders.
  9. IDE: New Check for Update menu item.
  10. IDE: Deploy window now has OK/Cancel buttons.
  11. IDE: New project property: Language – BASIC or JavaScript
  12. Project Explorer: Forms can be expanded or contracted.
  13. Runtime: Added check for valid browser.
  14. Samples: New AudioVideo sample.
  15. Translator: a[0,1] fixed.
  16. Translator: Dim a: a=b() fixed.
  17. Translator: If c(a) Then a.b=”x” fixed.
  18. Translator: Function window_onorientationchange() fixed.
  19. Translator: More problems with brackets fixed.
  20. Translator: If A=”a” Then:MZahl=1:z1 =2:End If fixed.


– There are two new controls: Audio and Video. They let you include
sounds and video in your app. Sound is pretty straightforward, but the
video types need to be carefully formatted.

– We’ve had requests from people who want to use the IDE purely with
JavaScript. We have added a language property to the project. While it
defaults to BASIC, it can be changed to JavaScript, in which case, no
translation is done on the code. If you use this feature, let us know
how it works for you.