NS Basic/App Studio 1.1.2 Released!

NS Basic/App Studio 1.1.2 is ready to download. You can download it from the same URL as before.

There are some nice usability improvements this time.
– You don’t have to change your default browser to test your apps.
– Deploying an app that has already be deployed once is much faster.
– Block comments are now enabled.



  1. Deploy: No longer runs in the default browser. Tries Chrome first, Safari next, then gives a message requesting that a compatible browser to be installed.
  2. Deploy: Refresh Deploy just uploads the app, not all the other files.
  3. Code Window: Jumping to a function scrolls it to the top.
  4. Code Window: Block comment/uncomment a section of code by right clicking or from the Edit menu.
  5. Code Window: Cos() is colored properly.
  6. Deploy: Missing files for titlebar added.
  7. Deploy: Trailing spaces on # USER FILES ignored.
  8. Deploy: Status bar is updated more frequently.
  9. Deploy: Exclude Thumbs.db from manifest.
  10. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  11. IDE: Bug in moving Project Explorer tree items fixed.
  12. IDE: Project Explorer buttons have disabled images.
  13. IDE: Updates window enlarged and positioned properly.
  14. Installer: ReadMe file can be opened at end of installation.
  15. Language: Capitalization issues fixed on interval and timeout functions.
  16. PhoneGap: iOS helper file changed from phonegap-0.9.3.min.js to phonegap.js
  17. Runtime: Some variables in canned code were not properly declared.
  18. Samples: slight change to GetData.
  19. Samples: TwoForms modified to use transitions.
  20. Samples: CacheEvents now gives more information.
  21. Translator: ‘ sub = no longer causes problems.
  22. Translator: a[0]=atn(1) fixed.
  23. Translator: FormatNumber((a[1] Mod Reg[0]),9) fixed.
  24. Translator: If A = “a” Or b = “b” Or c = “c” Then… fixed.
  25. Translator: Int() and CInt() are now consistant with VB.
  26. Translator: Print a[0]^5 fixed.
  27. Translator: v1 = Sin((Lat1r – Lat2r) / 2) ^ 2 fixed.