NS Basic/App Studio 1.4.2 released!

We happy to announce that Version 1.4.2 is ready!

It features a new Ajax() function, a new collections datatype and a bunch of fixes and minor enhancements.

The URL is the same as before.


  1. Language: Added new Ajax() function.
  2. Language: Support added for Collections.
  3. Samples: Added AjaxPost sample: reverse a string and save as file on server.
  4. Samples: Add Collections sample.
  5. Samples: New C# WebSockets sample. (Thanks to Christian Probst!)
  6. Controls: Added false to Hidden property.
  7. Controls: Font styling added to DateTime controls.
  8. Controls: Allow width to be changed on Checkbox, RadioButton.
  9. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  10. Translator: BTNew changing to BTnew fixed.
  11. Translator: If a then MsgBox 0 fixed.
  12. Translator: MsgBox 0 no longer shows blank.
  13. Translator: Case of ‘Case’ no longer changed to ‘case’
  14. Translator: MsgBox false no longer shows blank.
  15. Translator: Object.Add and Object Delete added: collections!
  16. Translator: UBound(object) returns items in object.
  17. Translator: Comments with embedded colons fixed.

Documentation Changes for Version 1.4.2

  1. The new Ajax function is a more powerful version of ReadFile(). It can directly replace ReadFile, plus do POST. POST lets you send larger files to the server – the usual limit is 8 megs, but this can be increased. Calling arguments are Ajax(URL, method, data), which URL is the name of the file or server side script, method is GET or POST, and data is a string containing the data you wish to transfer. Only the URL argument is required: if method is not supplied, it defaults to GET.

  2. Collections: A collection is like an array, except the members are accessed by name instead of number.