NS Basic/App Studio 2.0.1 Released!

We have just released NS Basic/App Studio 2.0.1. The new release has some minor new features and a number of bug fixes. The URL is the same as before.

Here is the list:


  1. IDE: Add new default screen sizes on New Project.
  2. IDE: Added landscape form factors to New Project.
  3. Code Window: Highlight ‘Step’ keyword.
  4. Code Window: Try and Catch no longer are flagged as syntax errors.
  5. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  6. Language: TimeSerial() now carries result if values are large.
  7. Runtime: jQuery Mobile updated to version 1.0.1.
  8. Samples: AddToNumbers: add a reset button.
  9. Samples: jQM List: Show text of selected item.
  10. Samples: new jQM ListWithScrolling sample.
  11. Samples: new SQLSample3.
  12. Samples: New Transitions sample – work in progress.
  13. Samples: Open Sample screen is resizable – more improvements coming.
  14. Toolbox: Add setIndex() function to Select control.
  15. Toolbox: Fix default on ‘hidden’ property.
  16. ToolBox: jQM FooterBar on new form fixed.
  17. Toolbox: native menu is now the default.
  18. Translator: CDate(“hh:yy:ss”) fixed.
  19. Translator: Replace(a, “&”, “&”) fixed.
  20. Translator: Replace(a,”&”, “&”) fixed.
  21. Translator: text in comments no longer affects function defs.