App Studio Released!

We have just uploaded to the servers. It has a number of minor enhancements as well as bug fixes.

The download URL is the same as for 2.5.

  1. Code Window: Pulldown function list cleaned up and sorts properly.
  2. Code Window: Right click and Find now opens Find with current selection.
  3. Controls: ComboBox, Select now have a .text property.
  4. Controls: ComboBox, Select with empty initial list fixed.
  5. Controls: ComboBox, Select: Changing .ListIndex calls _onchange, _onclick.
  6. Controls: Controls now have a .Visible property.
  7. Controls: Label now has Caption property.
  8. Controls: TextBox, TextArea controls now have .text property.
  9. Docs: Handbook and Language Reference updated.
  10. Runtime: CSng() uses more digits of precision.
  11. Samples: Now opens complex pathnames properly.
  12. Translator: Dim a(5):s=a(b.c+1) gets proper brackets.
  13. Translator: Empty function args now default to empty string.
  14. Translator: Function variable names now initialized as empty strings.
  15. Translator: Internal function Format() renamed to fix potential conflict.