Add cool stuff to AppStudio!

AppStudio comes with a lot of stuff built into it. But people are always inventing more: when we designed AppStudio, we made it extensible. Here is a general guide for adding cool features into AppStudio:

  1. JavaScript API: Look for a JavaScript API or library. If there is one, it will be fairly easy to use from AppStudio.
  2. PhoneGap is used when the needed functionality is only in native code. Check first if there is an official PhoneGap plugin that does what you need. It’s good news if there is – you can use the relatively easy PhoneGap Build service from AppStudio’s Run menu.
  3. Third party PhoneGap Plugin: These will work from AppStudio, but you will need to compile your app using the PhoneGap SDK. That means downloading and configuring the SDK for iOS and Android. Here are a couple of tech notes to get you started:
  4. Write your own PhoneGap Plugin: If the above solutions don’t help, you’ll need to write your own plug in. You will need to use Java and the Android SDK for Android, Objective C and XCode for iOS.

Let us know if you find something cool that works with AppStudio!

PS. If you need help developing a PhoneGap plugin, let us know. We can create plugins on a contract basis.