Can AppStudio apps be installed on Android without the net?

We had an interesting support question today. Is it possible to install an app created with AppStudio on an Android device without an internet connection?

We got to work to see if there was a way. We found two methods:

As a WebApp
WebApps are run using the browser. The challenge was to get the files for the app installed on the device so the Chrome Browser could open them. Here’s how we did it:

  1. In Preferences, set the Deploy Location to “Deploy to a local or DropBox public folder”. (You’ll need the full version: the demo does not allow this.)
  2. Also in Preferences, set “Local Path” to a convenient folder on your desktop.
  3. In AppStudio, Deploy your app. The runtime files will be copied to your Local Path folder.
  4. Connect your Android device. You should get a prompt on your desktop’s screen asking how you want to open the device. Choose Browse Filesystem.
  5. On the desktop, browse to the device’s Downloads folder.
  6. Copy your Local Path folder to your device’s Downloads folder.
  7. Start the browser on the device.
  8. Enter the following URL into the browser (assuming your Local Path ends in ‘app’):


  9. The app should now be running on the device. It can be bookmarked so you can run it again easily. So far, we haven’t been able to add the bookmark to the Home screen and start it there.

As a Native App
You can also compile the app as a native app using PhoneGap, then install it on the device. Here’s how:

  1. Compile the app using PhoneGap.
  2. Copy the resulting .apk file to the Downloads folder on the device, as in steps 4-6 above.
  3. Use a file browser on the device to navigate to the .apk.
  4. Click on the .apk file to install it.