AppStudio 3.1.4 released!

We have just uploaded 3.1.4 to the servers. It has enhancements as well as fixes.

You can download the new version from Check for Updates under the Help menu.


  1. Controls: List.getItem() no longer returns garbage characters at end.
  2. Controls: TextArea resizes properly at runtime.
  3. Deploy: New server much faster and more stable.
  4. Deploy: Option to run app from test server after Deploy.
  5. Deploy: Old files cleared on each Deploy.
  6. Deploy: Running in sped up by copying less files.
  7. Design Screen: Choosing control in Project Explorer now selects it in Design Screen.
  8. Properties: Reverted color picker to a text field, so ‘transparent’ can be entered.
  9. Runtime: Replace(“ABCD”, “|” , ” “) fixed.
  10. Samples: New SAP sample.
  11. Samples: PhoneGapAPI now includes latest Barcode implementation.
  12. Translator: A ^ 1.5 + A ^ 1.5 fixed.
  13. Translator: ‘If a = 1 Then a = {from: 1}’ fixed.
  14. Translator: “Function General_FormatDate()” fixed.

The complete list of changes is here.