AppStudio 3.1.5 Released!

We have just uploaded 3.1.5 to the servers. It has enhancements as well as fixes.

You can download the new version from Check for Updates under the Help menu.


  1. Controls: jqxCalendar now responded to clicks as well (including FastClick)
  2. Controls: jqxGrid should now work with percentage widths.
  3. IDE: Updated projects had wrong default value for FullScreen.
  4. Installer: Certificate updated for another year.
  5. Runtime: Changes to dialogs to be compatible with more browsers.
  6. Runtime: Fix problem in TimeValue() function.
  7. Runtime: Tweaks to improve operation on IE10. Still not officially supported.
  8. Samples: Facebook sample updated to use full URL.
  9. Samples: Background sample tweaked to work with jQuery Mobile.
  10. Samples: New Compass sample.
  11. Translator: Fix problem with underscores in function names.

The complete list of changes is here.