AppStudio 3.2.4 released!

We have just uploaded 3.2.4 to the servers. It has enhancements as well as fixes.

Android has support for Full Screen Mode in their latest beta of the Android Chrome Browser: we added that feature into AppStudio. You will need to use Google’s beta:

You can download the new version of AppStudio from Check for Updates under the Help menu.


  1. Controls: Add missing image to jQM CheckBox.
  2. Controls: Allow quotes in the titles of jQM CheckBox.
  3. Controls: Fix icons on the right button of TitleBar
  4. Controls: iWK Menu controls now return numeric values correctly.
  5. Controls: TextArea controls do not need onclick and onblur emitted.
  6. Deploy: Add support for Android Chrome Full Screen
  7. Deploy: Only emit onsubmit code if needed.
  8. IDE: Unnecessary Save dialog on exit eliminated.
  9. Runtime: If using a EULA, do not call Form1_onshow() or Main() until accepted.
  10. Samples: Update WebSockets sample for iOS 7.

The complete list of changes is here.