AppStudio 3.2.8 released!

AppStudio 3.2.8 has been released. It has a number of enhancements and stability improvements.

  1. Deploy: Apps now run on Chrome OS.
  2. Deploy: Apps now run on Windows RT.
  3. Deploy: Apps not using iWebKit can be used on Internet Explorer 11.
  4. Deploy: Improve browser warning message.
  5. Design Screen: fix problems with refresh.
  6. Design Screen: fix center control.
  7. Design Screen: fix problem that could lead to controls not being clickable.
  8. Samples: Update SAP sample for new server.
  9. Controls: jQM List icon can now be changed or removed.
  10. Controls: jQM Button has new Edit and Bars icons.
  11. Properties Window: Selecting onclick could terminate IDE.
  12. Runtime: Convert some alert functions to NSB.MsgBox, for Chrome Packaged Apps.
  13. Script Window: Horizontal scrollbar is now properly sized.
  14. Script Window: Fix problem that could mess up code.
  15. Script Window: Fix problem with block comments.
  16. Code Window: Fix problem with status coordinates.

The complete list of changes is here.