AppStudio released!

AppStudio has been released.

It has an important new feature: External Files. It makes it much easier to add, edit and deploy files which you want to include in your app.

Fixes and Enhancements

  1. Code Modules: External code modules are now supported. (Thanks, Tony!)
  2. IDE: External files can be added to an app by dragging and dropping them into the Project Explorer.
  3. IDE: About Screen scrollable again.
  4. Code Window: Some autocomplete items added.
  5. Code Window: Equal (=) now autocompletes.
  6. Controls: New .setting() function on FlipToggle returns True/False.
  7. Deploy: Icons on Chrome Packaged App improved.
  8. Deploy: Error in Italian translation which broke deploy to nsbapp fixed.
  9. IDE: Design screen was becoming unresponsive after switching forms. (Thanks, Teo!)
  10. Runtime: NSB.Print wasn’t working after being dismissed.
  11. Runtime: Warning in Chrome about event.returnValue eliminated.
  12. Samples: New ChromeAPI sample shows how to use Android FileSystem object.

You can now put a path in the src property of a Code Module. This will be treated as an external file and only copied into your project on deploy. Files can be in JavaScript (.js), BASIC (.bas), PHP (.php) or Other (.css, etc.). This allows you to have code modules which are shared by multiple apps. Use Add New Module to add a new external file to your project, or drag the files and drop them in the Project Explorer.