AppStudio 4.1.1 released!

AppStudio 4.1.1 has been released. It has a number of fixes:

  1. Code Window: Fix problem with Style/Style End
  2. Controls: HeaderBar icons can be set to ‘none’.
  3. Controls: PictureBox’s hidden property set on start.
  4. Controls: RadialGauge style property works now.
  5. Deploy: Mime types fixed so IE can run localServer.
  6. Deploy: Put files into the correct place in OfflineApp.manifest
  7. Deploy: Sound files are now give the correct name on deploy.
  8. Design Screen: Japanese characters were crashing app.
  9. Documentation: Local and Wiki files updated.
  10. IDE: External files are read in as unicode.
  11. IDE: Problem starting first time on a Mac fixed.
  12. IDE: Unicode problem on AppStudio startup
  13. Project Explorer: Drag and drop an image fixed.
  14. Samples: Update Ajax sample to work with PhoneGap Build.
  15. Translation: All language files updated.