AppStudio 4.1 Released!

AppStudio 4.1 has just been released. It has two important changes:

  1. PhoneGap’s new authorization scheme is now supported. If you are using the default account, you do not need do anything other than install the new release. After May 15th, releases before 4.1 may not work. If you have your own PhoneGap account, read this:

  2. “Run in Desktop Browser” now uses localhost. Certain features only work when the app is actually deployed. AppStudio now sets up a localhost so these features work even when running on your local machine. There should be no change to your work flow. Everything should work as before, except you no longer need to deploy to nsbapp or to your own server.

AppStudio 4.1 is free for all existing AppStudio 4 users. If you have an older version, you can order it from our order page.