AppStudio 4.1.2 released!

AppStudio 4.1.2 has been released. The major change is that deploy can now by done by both FTP and SFTP: there is a new setting in Preferences.

SFTP is a new protocol than FTP and has improved security. You’ll notice it also uploads your project more quickly. It is now used when you deploy to by default.

  1. About: Now shows license type.
  2. Controls: CheckBox and RadioButton no longer display over other controls.
  3. Deploy: iOS splash screens for all screen sizes supported.
  4. Deploy: Port number can now be specified in Preferences.
  5. Deploy: SFTP now supported
  6. Runtime: Message shows if Cookies are disabled.
  7. Runtime: Message shows if JavaScript disabled.
  8. Samples: New splash sample shows how to do different iOS spash screen sizes.
  9. Translator: ChangeForm(EvaluationForm) fixed.
  10. Translator: Fixes to Mod operator.